Thursday, January 29, 2009

E-Mails That Make Me Cringe

I'm not sure why it bothers me so much that I get e-mails from friends that are links or downloads. I think I'm very impatient and I can read very fast so I don't like to take the time to download something that isn't that interesting anyway. I'd much rather people copy and paste something into an e-mail than to force me to click on a link to find out what they want to share. I have a problem with just deleting something from a friend so I end up saving 8 to 10 e-mails that have downloads on them thinking I will do it later. I mean, turning the speakers on, saving a download and watching an ad before a video just irritate the hell out of me. I also don't want any forwarded e-mails that start with "this is so cute" or "this is precious!". I don't want to scroll down or wait for something to load or be told that if I don't forward this to 10 friends, terrible things will happen to me. Just get to the damned point. Tell me something or ask me something and don't send me this crap!
Ok, that is way too much of a rant. Every now and then I get a very good video or clip of something. It's just that I get too many of them and the majority are just dumb.

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  1. Mary!!!! This cracked me up because I feel the very same way - particularly the saving of friend's e-mails with all the links and downloads (I'm confessing!). Love ya...Amy