Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Basics

I'm 52 years old (soon to be 53), married, mother of 3 children, retired but working part-time. Here is the cast of characters in my life:

Jack - husband of nearly 4 years. Jack lives in Chicago and I live in Round Rock. We met online and neither of us ever got around to moving. Nonetheless, he's here about twice a month and I go there every few months. I'm a liberal, yes one of those from the Feminist Left.

Jackie - daughter who is 21, single, owns her own home and has a great job as a Telecommunications Officer.

Megan - daughter who is 18, single, student at UNT in Denton, studying for a career in RTVF.

Colin - step-son who is 18, lives with his dad in Chicago, is in his Senior year in HS plus takes college courses at College of DuPage.

Mom - mom is 86, lives 2 blocks from me and is fighting her 3rd round of breast cancer. She's a survior and will tell you exactly what she thinks.

Betty - sister who lives in California, married, is a professional life coach for people in the medical profession,

Gary - brother-in-law, also in California, works in HR, loves jazz and the blues.

Bud - Jack's dad who lives with his daughter in Chicago. What a guy!

Suzie - 18 year old mutt who can't hear a thing but is the sweetest dog on earth.

Scooter - a fish, an Oscar, who has quite the personality and lives with Jack & Colin.

Megan's group of motley friends: Johnny, Sophie, Ethan, Jerrin, Bobbi, Tre, Stephanie, Maddy, White Michael, Brown Michael, and the cast from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Jackie's group of buddies: Ashley (my 4th child), Kyle, Trey, Janet, and the group that hangs out at Starbucks.
Suzanne - my very good friend for about 17 years, lives in Round Rock with her husband Jeff. I try very hard to help her see the light as far as politics and social equality.

Sue - my best friend of 32 years, lives in Houston with her husband Ron. We don't discuss politics.

Our wonderful group of online liberal Democrat friends who are the smartest and funniest people on earth: My dear Windy, Darby, All5, Gata, Strmy, Predly, Southie, Fish, Doc, Val, Lys and of course TwoBagger.

Sorry if I forgot anyone. I will probably mention these people in my blog so I thought it best that you know who they are.

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  1. Lol Mom!! I like how I only have one friend. I must be a hermit or something! Or maybe I'm just...selective!