Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sarah's Wardrobe

Here's what I think happened. I think that Palin's "handlers" felt that she needed some nice clothes and asked if they could go buy her some. They were told "sure". So they went and bought up Neiman's and Saks with no regard for price. I'm sure they thought her regular wardrobe was atrocious. I guess the problem was that nobody was in control of how much they spent. I think the same thing happened with her make-up people.
I really don't blame her for this. There is a lot of blame to go around for nobody putting a limit on it. What it shows is that nobody is overseeing the McCain campaign and nobody is in charge or setting limits. It's pretty hard for them to complain about earmarks and unnecessary spending when they allow this to happen.
To say that they're going to "give it to charity" is ridiculous. It's obvious that nobody's watching the budget on that campaign.

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  1. I think if we knew how much anyone running for office spent on clothes we would all be surprised.