Sunday, November 2, 2008

Commercials We Hate

My friend Sue sent me this email today:

Mar, please make them go away!

Billy Mays
selling ANYTHING;

Larry the ShamWow guy who can't make his
offer all day, but seems to anyway;

PediPaws, please make them STOP; and speaking of making them stop, The commercial
with the old couple where the woman says, "He sang outside my window until I
made him stop!" It's so irritating, I can't even recall what they are

I thought I'd expound a bit and add a few of my (ack!) favorites. Here in Austin BILL DICKASON needs to stop selling KIA's and get a regular job where he doesn't yap at us day and night. Those cartoon boogers or snot things (the mucous guys), they just gag me. The Dial-a-slut commercials that come on late at night. OH, and THIS. Have you ever fallen asleep with the tv on in the bedroom and woke up late at night and they're selling sexual devices on some QVC kind of show? OMG that is frightening to wake up to! And that chicken sandwich with barbeque sauce on it that Wendy's has is digusting! If you think of more
, please comment!

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