Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Pet Peeves

There are so many things that aggravate me. I should work on being a nicer, more easy-going person. Or not. Anyway, here goes:

People who are completely unaware that there are other shoppers in the grocery store and block the aisles with their baskets.

People who bring 7 people with them to shop. I mean, how many people does it take to go grocery shopping?

Cell phone addicts who can't get that phone off their ear for anything. Especially those who talk loudly.

The certain irritating people that you can't seem to get away from in a store. You try to get away and they always end up in your aisle. It's like they're following you.

Drivers that you can't get away from. You change lanes to try to pass them and they slowly meander across the lanes to stay in front of you going well below the speed limit. They always seem to be going exactly where you're going for the next 10 miles too.

Drivers who decide they need to change lanes while you're stopped at a light. They seem to like blocking both lanes.

People who work in stores who don't know crap about where anything is and are just waiting for their next break. And the cashiers who don't make eye contact with you and are yakking with their buddies about what parties they are going to.

People in parking lots who are oblivous to drivers. They walk down the middle of the parking lanes and pay no attention to where their kids are. It really aggravates me when someone has a baby in a cart and pushes that cart out into the lane of traffic without looking either way.

I have a million of these. I'll add more as I go. :)

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  1. and..those people in front of you always have their left turn signal on